Lewis County mourns loss of broadcasting legend

wwny Lewis County mourns loss of broadcasting legend

LOWVIVLLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Lewis County has lost a broadcasting legend.

George Capron died overnight. He was 75.

He worked for Lowville radio station WBRV, known as The Moose, for 55 years.

The company's general manager says nothing stopped him from getting to work.

"Through snowstorms, through ice storms, through tornadoes, George was always, always there, informing people. He made it to work when no one else could. When we had blizzards, he made it to work, two and a half miles, on a snowmobile," said GM Bill Flack.

Capron worked last Friday and intended to work Monday, before being stricken over the weekend.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete.

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