Nature center gets ready for autumn festival

wwny Nature center gets ready for autumn festival

WELLESLEY ISLAND, N.Y. (WWNY) - Scarecrows are popping up on Wellesley Island ahead of an annual event.

Volunteers spent the morning Monday stuffing hay into clothing and drawing faces for more than a dozen scarecrows.

The scarecrows will be decorations and direction markers for the annual Minna Anthony Common Nature Center Autumn Fest on Wellesley Island this Saturday.

There will be live music, food and craft vendors, games and another reasons to celebrate the nature center's 50th anniversary.

"It's great. It's just a place to come and enjoy. Get a little bit of nature, come inside. It's just wonderful," said Darlene Sourwine, volunteer coordinator.

"We're so grateful for everybody's help and we are sure it's going to be an amazing day," said Gabriela Padewska, nature center director.

For those who would like to make their own scarecrow, the event will have a scarecrow making competition. Staff says to bring your creativity.

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