Your Turn: feedback on zoo, second homes & dog adoption

wwny Your Turn: feedback on zoo, second homes & dog adoption

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Watertown’s financially struggling Thompson Park Zoo is in need of a survival plan. The city may be asked to chip in more money:

Sadly, that zoo should just do the animals a favor and close.

Jen Peterson

Maybe they (the city) should have focused on more funding for things like this than on a ridiculous amount of money for a pool.

Shannyn Lee

Gross mismanagement and poor exhibits are the issue.

George Emery

People who own secondary homes damaged by this year’s flooding along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River might be getting help from the state after all:

If you can own a second home, get insurance. Don't waste taxpayer dollars.

Cyril Hebert

As a “second home” owner...I pay taxes on two residences, the one I live in year round and the one in your community. I help fund your schools and whatever else you choose to use my taxpayer dollars on. I have every right to have the same considerations.

Pattie Ealy

It was “love at first bite” as a Jefferson County sheriff’s detective adopted dogs that were part of a recent animal cruelty case:

They will have the best life ever from now on. Lucky dogs.

Polly Swan

Very kind and generous to adopt the pair.

Kelly Wiggins

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