Historic Croghan landmark for sale

wwny Historic Croghan landmark for sale

CROGHAN, N.Y. (WWNY) - You can’t put a price on history, but you can put a price on a mansion older than the Civil War and it’s for sale.

One of Croghan's oldest and most mysterious houses is for sale.

Historians say The mansion was owned by the town's only millionaire during the late 1800s and early 1900s, Theodore Basselin.

"This is the newer half of the house, the older half was built two years before the Civil War in 1859," said current owner Tom Horne.

The 160 year old home sits on 1.3 acres of land and is full of history.

Julie Robinson is both the realtor for the sale and the town historian. She says this house is a treasured part of the community.

“I mean, just imagine if it was revitalized and it is a big part of our history here, Basselin is a part of our history because he had all the money,” she said.

He made his fortune in the lumber industry in Croghan and put it to good use.

“He did in fact give all the land that the Catholic church is on. He built what is now the Maple Museum, was the Catholic school in town, where the garage is next door was originally a band stand, he instigated a community band and that was next door, so he was very active in the community while he was here,” said Horne.

“I did ask people what does this house mean to you and they said, ‘It’s Croghan,’” said Robinson.

Another cool aspect of the house is, historians say there is a time capsule hidden in one of the pillars.

It's also said that Theo Basselin, a friendly soul, still watches over his beloved house.

The mansion, the carriage barn, Basselin’s office house, and all of the history that comes with the property are for sale for $175,000.

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