JCC rolls out technology to make campus safer

wwny JCC rolls out technology to make campus safer

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Jefferson Community College is using new technology to better sound the alarm in the case of an emergency.

"This is a movement that's all across the country on college campuses and local high schools, I think, are going to methods like this as well," said Wesley Hissong, JCC director of safety and security.

There are now digital panic buttons installed on classroom computers and at employee work spaces. In the event of the emergency, calling for help will be just a click away, sending an alert to the college's Office of Safety and Security.

"Could be a classroom disruption. Could be a student got ill. We're the medical first responders on campus as well. So there's a lot of reasons for them to be able to reach out to us quickly and ask for help," said Hissong.

JCC is also planning to launch a safety app for smartphones, giving the entire campus community the ability to report an emergency quickly while on the go.

That app also allows users to take a picture and send it right to the Office of Safety and Security. For example, if there was a car accident of if they saw something suspicious.

Students say it will help them feel safer.

"I think it's very essential given the current events that's happening around schools right now so I think that's a great feature to have here," said Meisha Daka, student.

"You never know what situation you're in so to be able to just send a picture or push that panic button, I think it will be really good for the students here for anyone who works here even," said Morgan Eggleston, student.

And to continue to make the campus safer, the college plans to add a few more security cameras this year. JCC is also looking to expand key card access to more of its buildings on campus.

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