JCC students with questions can now ask ‘Jeffie’

wwny JCC students with questions can now ask ‘Jeffie’

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Jefferson Community College has a new tool to help keep current and admitted students informed and connected to campus.

It's an interactive chat bot named Jeffie. Students can ask it questions 24/7 through text message such as: what time is the library open until, or when is registration?

Campus faculty says Jeffie will also be used to update students on important dates or when things are happening.

"It's meeting students where they are. Almost all students have cell phones, they all text. Email and phone calls aren't the best way to communicate with students anymore. Even though we have some students that use those methods, texting is such a huge platform we just felt this was another way to get really important information and have some fun too," said James Ambrose, dean of enrollment.

"It's really helpful especially when the office isn't open. You can ask it questions that you would usually ask one of the specialists here," said Brooke Mahon, student ambassador.

There will also be a web bot version of Jeffie on JCC’s website. That’s expected to launch later this week.

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