Boy Scout gets classroom moved outdoors

wwny Boy Scout gets classroom moved outdoors

MORRISTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - They’re learning differently at Morristown schools – in the great outdoors – thanks to a Boy Scout’s brainstorm.

At Morristown schools most classes take place in rooms. But if teachers want, they can hold class outdoors. It was the brainchild of Boy Scout Matthew Wright.

“The idea was sort of like being bored and like hot inside the classrooms at school. So I thought of the idea of possibly building a classroom outside,” said Wright.

So last year the Morristown junior got to work. He had some extra motivation. The project could help him earn the rank of Eagle Scout. It has also earned him some appreciation.

“It's absolutely amazing. It's one of the most beautiful things about this school. It's an extension of my classroom at this point,” said Kristen Remington, Morristown science teacher.

It takes classes just a minute to get there. It took Wright and 20 volunteer scouts and adults a weekend to build – and weeks of fund-raising and preparation before that.

It wasn't just building skills that were needed for this project. Matthew said it took people skills too. It was a little like taking a management class.

“It taught me how to get more leadership skills," he said. "I learned that you have to take some different ways and try to persuade them to help you with stuff.”

Now Matthew has that Eagle Scout rank. But more important, classmates and community have a place to gather and learn. That’s the best part he says. Scouts Honor.

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