Pro BMX athlete teaches kids about healthy choices

wwny Pro BMX athlete teaches kids about healthy choices

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - One choice can change the rest of your life. That was the message Tony Hoffman gave Jefferson County 5th and 6th graders Thursday.

The professional BMX athlete spoke about abusing drugs and alcohol - something he has dealt with himself.

Even though these kids may seem young, addiction can start now with choices they make.

“That’s extremely important. That conditioning needs to be done at their age because they need to understand the mechanics of how it happens. Not what happens, but how. They know drugs are bad because they have heard that but they need to know how that even takes place,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman was asked to speak to the local students by the Jefferson County Businesses Against Drugs, a new group of local businesses committed to helping battle the drug epidemic.

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