Peacock runs afoul of owner, winds up at auto dealer

wwny Peacock runs afoul of owner, winds up at auto dealer

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It was a wild goose chase at Widrick Auto Sales in the town of Watertown. Make that, a peacock chase.

At a distance you might not have seen it. But among the cars at Widrick Auto Sales in the town of Watertown, a peacock found a new nest.

And for three days, employees like Kristine Bush have been taking care of the bird.

"Nobody can get their hands on her, you know. So, we just kind of leave her grapes and she seems to like them," said Bush.

That is until Friday, when the peacock's owner, Dave Whitney, came to bring her home.

"I hadn't seen her for at least a week or 10 days. I had no idea where she was and here she is a mile from our house," he said.

But catching her was a task easier said than done. Surrounding the bird led her to hop on the roof. When she came back down, Whitney thought a little food would lure her to her cage.

The bird was too smart for that. So, Whitney took matters into his own hands.

"Go slow, and not pay any attention to her. And she fell right into my hands because she got on the wrong side of the top of the roof of the vehicle. So, I was able to nab her," he said.

Now, Whitney will be taking the peacock back to be with her mate.

But she might find herself grounded for the foreseeable future.

"She's going to stay in the barn. She's not going to be naughty anymore," said Whitney.

A lesson to be learned for a peacock that ran afoul of her owner.

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