Lowville leads the pack in girls’ soccer once again

Lowville girls' soccer team

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Lowville girls' soccer team is in familiar territory. The Lady Red Raiders lead the pack as the Section 3 playoffs approach.

The Red Raiders are once again at the top of a tough B Division in the Frontier League.

Lowville put together a 12-2-1 overall record, 10-0-1 in league play.

"It has been difficult -- it's very, very competitive, which is actually good, that really helps us out as we move into sectionals," coach Leo Sammon said. "We tell the kids a lot that champions are consistent, day in and day out we've been lucky enough to be consistent for the last couple of years."

"We definitely lost a few key players last year, but we brought up some youngsters and they are filling the roles perfectly and we're really meshing together," player Hanna Freeman said. "I think we are clicking at just the right time, hopefully we can keep our streak going and make it far this year."

“We have a lot of seniors, this is our last year,” Bryanna Hoppel said. “We want to go out there and play our hardest and we have a lot of key players like Hannah Freeman -- I think it really helps our team.”

“I think we show up to practice every day ready to go, we are always ready to work hard,” Anna Wood said. “I think what sets us apart is our heart -- every single game, we want to score, we want to win -- it’s our drive that really sets us apart.”

With success year after year, Lowville has had a history of being the measuring stick for all other teams in the Frontier League.

"Even when the players change, it's still the same program, same coaches, we put in the same work every summer, every off season," Elizabeth Western said. "We still are all coming from the same place, it all just drives us to success at the end of the season."

"We have a lot of kids that really believe, they have been around the program for a long time and they see the success," Sammon said. "They want to be like the kids that came before them, they are very dedicated, they do what we ask them to do."

"Definitely our coaches are half of it and they push us so hard every day in practice," Freeman said. "A lot of teams break down because they are frustrated with each other, but we stick together, we are on the field as a team and off the field as a team -- I think that what sets us apart."

"We all want to be here every day for practice -- we show up early like today, we have a 4 o'clock practice but we're all here at 3:30," Hoppel said. "We want to be here, we want to get better every day."

"I think a lot of it is our coaching," Wood said. "Mr. Sammon's amazing, Mrs. Bach, we have a great crew, Mr. Lyndaker too -- they are always pushing us, always saying we want to get to that next level -- I think that comes down to coaching."

Lowville has one more regular season game before sectionals.

“We play Adirondack, a Class B opponent, non-league,” Sammon said. “We went to overtime last year and we defeated them -- it’s a good springboard before we move into sectionals.”

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