Allied Motion expands, seeks new workers

wwny Allied Motion expands, seeks new workers

TOWN OF WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It’s a global manufacturing company and one of its locations is right in the Jefferson County Industrial Park. As Allied Motion expands, it hopes to hire new employees.

Every day hundreds of gears are manufactured and attached to motors at Allied Motion. The finished products get sent off to clients to use as parts for their machines.

"They are going to be doing things such as medical mobility on wheelchairs and hospital beds but also for industrial tools for welding, robotic welders, agricultural seed applications," said Derek Ward, operations supervisor, Allied Motion.

Allied Motion employs more than 60 people and has been in Jefferson County's industrial park since 2004 when it took over Stature Electric. Recently the company has spent millions of dollars to buy new machines.

"It lets us get more work done but it also enables new technology, so from a gear cutting perspective, we can do work with that machine that we couldn't do prior," said

Geoff Rondeau, general manager, Allied Motion.

As the local company continues to grow and produce new products, it's also looking for new employees.

"Like a lot of manufacturing companies, our employees here have a relatively long tenure. But it's also an aging population and as our working population gets older we are looking to attract new people to the manufacturing business," said Rondeau.

Allied Motion isn't just in the town of Watertown. There are seven other manufacturing locations thought out North America and there are also locations in Europe and Asia.

"We have the small town, the small business atmosphere with the benefits of having a publicly traded company," said Ward.

Management says there are currently four open positions, but they’re always looking for people with machinery experience. For more information, contact

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