Rainy weather didn’t dampen Halloween spirit for many

Halloween weather

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - There was a steady downpour of rain throughout the day on Halloween.

But as night fell, some people in Watertown were still going door to door to trick or treat.

For some, the rain only added to the fun.

"I think it's cool that we went trick or treating in the rain," Treya Das said. "It was all spooky."

People didn't have to get soaked to get candy, though.

The Salmon Run Mall hosted its annual Mall-O-Ween.

Mall-goers went store to store filling their bags with treats.

Some found the experience made Halloween easy.

"This is really convenient for, you know, not getting wet outside, and not dragging equipment, and not having to go house to house alone," Claire Mahon said.

Mall marketing director Karla Woods says the event draws a younger crowd.

"It just offers a great opportunity for a lot of the smaller kids to come out that maybe can't go outside, or don't want to be outside," she said. "The weather's a big part of it, as well."

Mall-O-Ween has been going on at the Salmon Run Mall for decades and it can get quite busy. So busy, in fact, mall officials have trouble keeping track of how many people show up.>

"It just gets to be so many people by, you know, halfway into it, that's it's just very hard to keep track," Woods said. "We average about, I would say easily we have at least 2,000 kids here tonight."

So it seems few people took a rain check this Halloween whether they chose to brave the weather or not.

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