Neighbor describes weekend shooting: ‘I heard a pop, pop, pop’

wwny Neighbor describes weekend shooting: ‘I heard a pop, pop, pop’

TOWN OF LERAY, N.Y. (WWNY) - She has felt safe where she lives until now. We hear from the woman who called 911 early Saturday morning following a shooting where 2 people were hurt.

Shawn-Kristin Reynolds lives next door to where the shooting happened in Eagle Ridge Village Apartments in the town of LeRay. She said it all started with a party of 100 people and ended with someone yelling for their guns.

"I see people walking away fast. Then, it turns into running. At that same time, I heard a 'pop, pop, pop.' And then a pause. Then, a 'pop, pop.' So, I heard five shots go off," she said.

The shooting happened outside her neighbors apartment. She said there was a large party that night. That large group, apparently, was noisy because a number of neighbors called 911 to complain. Police were already on their way to respond to the disturbance calls when the shots rang out.

"I'm ducking for cover behind my island. And I'm telling you, these troopers showed up so fast," said Reynolds.

Police said two men were injured in the shooting. The injuries are said to be non-life threatening.

Reynolds said she's never felt unsafe in her neighborhood until this incident. While this is unnerving, she thinks she'll be okay living there going forward.

"This is a safe neighborhood. This just tells you that crime can happen anywhere. It doesn't just happen in the areas you expect it to happen. It happens everywhere," she said.

What she remembers most from that night is how the fight escalated right in her backyard.

"People scattered everywhere and people were in my backyard yelling, 'What'd you do with your gun? Where's your gun at? Where's your gun,'" she said.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department says it’s still investigating and talking to witnesses. No arrests have been made.

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