Ballots could be impounded in Watertown mayoral race

wwny Ballots could be impounded in Watertown mayoral race

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - In the hotly contested race for Watertown mayor, one of the candidates wants an extra level of security for the votes after polls close.

Candidate Allison Crossman wants the ballots impounded.

"It's just to ensure that we have a fair and honest election and that all of our voters ballots really count," said Crossman.

Impoundment essentially means that after results come in, state Supreme Court Judge James McClusky, if he accepts Crossman's attorney's request, could order the ballots to be put away behind a double locked door that only law enforcement would have access to.

Crossman's lawyer John Ciampoli says he will seek that order Tuesday night.

"We want to preserve the court's right to review any determinations by the board because sometimes the boards centrally do make mistakes," he said.

"We had an election commissioner that publicly stated that he unabashedly supports one of my opponents and I think when you have someone who is put in charge of running an honest election, that's a scary proposition to bring forward. So we want to make sure that all ballots are counted, that everyone's voice is heard through their voting, and that, again, it is a fair and honest election," said Crossman.

What do Crossman's opponents have to say?

"I don't know how necessary it really is but that's her decision to make and, like I said, I am just focused on what I am doing today. It's not going to change how my night goes," said Cody Horbacz.

"Utter ambivalence. If that's what she wants to do, then she can go get the court order and do it," said Jeff Smith.

If the ballots are impounded, a court hearing may have to happen. We are unsure if or when this hearing might be.

Crossman’s lawyer says if she wins by many votes, he will withdraw their request.

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