Firearms recovered in Saturday’s apartment complex shooting

Firearms recovered in Saturday’s apartment complex shooting
Jefferson County Sheriffs and New York State police were on the scene Saturday morning of a shooting incident at Eagle Ridge Village Apartments (Source: WWNY)

TOWN OF LERAY, N.Y. (WWNY) - There’s new information about last Saturday’s shooting at Eagle Ridge Village Apartments in the town of LeRay.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office now says two people were shot, that a deputy provided medical assistance to one of them, and that firearms have been recovered.

At approximately 12:25 a.m. on November 2, patrols were dispatched to Redtail Lane in the Eagle Ridge apartment complex after receiving multiple reports of gunfire in that area.

The sheriff's office said a deputy responding to the disturbance was within earshot of gunfire, but upon arrival, the shooting had ceased and no police officers became involved.

Officials said the same deputy provided medical assistance to a gunshot victim, while additional deputies, troopers, Watertown police and West Carthage police officers provided scene security and crowd control.

According to officials, more than 100 people, including those involved in the shooting, were actively fleeing the area on foot and in vehicles.

It was later learned that a second shooting victim had fled the scene, officials said.

Injuries sustained by both victims are not considered life-threatening, authorities said.

The sheriff's office and other law enforcement agencies have since identified numerous persons of interest and have recovered evidence, including firearms.

Officials said they do not feel the public is in danger and more information may be released when appropriate.

If you have direct, first-hand knowledge of the shooting, or if you were in the immediate vicinity and saw those involved, you’re asked to call the sheriff’s office at 315-786-2601 or through private message on Facebook.

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