Landslide victory for write-in candidate for Ogdensburg mayor

wwny Landslide victory for write-in candidate for Ogdensburg mayor

OGDENSBURG, N.Y. (WWNY) - In a stunning turn of events, a write-in candidate has won the Ogdensburg mayoral race.

With all of the precincts reporting, the top vote-getter is apparently Mike Skelly, who waged a write-in campaign.

The write-in candidate received 1,264 votes, a landslide victory over incumbent mayor, Republican Wayne Ashley, who was seeking his second four year term.

Ashley got 397 votes while Democrat Sam LaMacchia, who served 8 years on city council, got 319.

"We need to be pro-growth. We need to welcome business - new businesses and existing businesses. I think they felt that we were in touch with them and that made them give us their vote. I wasn't being negative. I was just showing problems and to solve problems," said Skelly.

Skelly, a real estate developer, wasn't the only successful write-in candidate in Ogdensburg - write-in council candidate John Rishe apparently received 1,111 votes, securing one of three seats on the city council.

“I really am shocked, actually. I’m shocked that write-in candidates can win a race like this. People want change and we are going to deliver change,” said Rishe.

Republicans Steven Fisher and William Dillabough were also elected to council.

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