Family rallies to rebuild after fire

wwny Family rallies to rebuild after fire

TOWN OF THERESA, N.Y. (WWNY) - A family of five is rallying to rebuild after a fire took away everything they owned.

Piles of rubble, charred pans, and a roof that’s fallen to the ground. That’s what’s left of the mobile home on Trickey Road that was destroyed last Saturday in the town of Theresa.

Lynndsey Anson says her six year old daughter pointed out smoke while the family was outside.

"She noticed it first and asked, 'Mommy, why does it look like our house is on fire' and that's when I saw the smoke coming out of our roof, so I yelled to my boyfriend but by the time he got over there, it was just fully in flames and there was nothing we could do about it," said Anson.

Anson says she believes the cause of the fire was electrical and it started in the bathroom. The fire chief said the cause is undetermined, but it’s believed to electrical in origin.

Now Anson, her boyfriend and their three children all under the age of 7 are staying with family.

She says that losing everything "was hard at first. They are confused, you know, they want to go home to their house but they can't. But we have had a lot of help in the community. A lot of people have reached out and it's been amazing," said Anson.

People have been dropping off toys, beds, and clothing for the family. The Red Cross is also helping.

Anson says that friends have also organized a benefit dinner for her family at Theresa Fire Hall on November 16.

"We are hoping to just start over. It's a tough road, but we will get there," she said.

You can help them get there with donations, which can be dropped off at 107 highland Avenue in Theresa.

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