Mayoral race in Dexter still up in the air

wwny Mayoral race in Dexter still up in the air

DEXTER, N.Y. (WWNY) - Election Day is usually the final say on who gets to lead a community. But, Dexter's election for village mayor is still up in the air.

"Today's Friday and I still don't know what the count is or how it worked out. To have our results locked up is absolutely ridiculous," said Dexter Mayor James Eves.

Three days post-Election Day, he's still unsure if he can keep the seat he's held for a decade.

Since primaries were moved from September to June this year, Eves missed the new, earlier date to file petitions. In return, his name didn't appear on the ballot Tuesday.

Eves ran a campaign as a write-in and on Election Day, 67 write-in ballots were cast. Eves knows he got one vote, his own. But, the other ballots are still a mystery.

"It's just very frustrating not to know if you've won an election or not," said Eves.

Jefferson County Republican Elections Commissioner Jude Seymour says his office is cleaning up after elections and county write-ins will be opened November 18. Seymour says Dexter will have an answer no later than November 29.

"I understand the feeling of I want to know if I'm mayor or not. Or I want to know if I've lost and need to turn over the reins to somebody else. But we have a job to do, several jobs to do, and we're gonna open them up November 18," said Seymour.

Dexter isn’t the only community that’s undecided post-election. In Sackets Harbor, Molly Reilly was voted as mayor, a position she cannot legally serve as after taking a job with the governor’s office in Albany so it’s up to the Sackets board to appoint a mayor. Then, there will be a formal election the year after.

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