Watertown church volunteers pay it forward on the streets

Watertown church volunteers pay it forward on the streets

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It's called 'church on the streets,' a chance for people to pay it forward.

Members from New Life Christian Church in Watertown spent Sunday giving random acts of kindness. They started at the Valero gas station in Watertown handing out cider donuts, offering to pay for a coffee and pumping gas for people.

“This is outstanding. It's great for people to do that, you know, on a cold day, to come out and offer their time freely. It's wonderful,” said Bill Bleekman from Toronto.

For some, it made their day a little brighter.

“It did make my day. I was feeling really tired and it just put a smile on my face,” said Soshi Soto from Fort Drum. “I come here all the time and it's nice to give. It sure is,” said Mary Hardy from Wellesley Island.

New Life collected money from churchgoers throughout the year. For Sunday alone, they had a $10,000 budget to spend on the community.

Volunteers didn't only pump gas and hand out donuts. On Public Square, they gave away gifts like Crock Pots and Keurigs. Those gifts were gone by 11 a.m.

Church volunteers waved signs to cars driving by that said, 'We believe in you.' 'You are awesome,' and 'We care for you.'

“We’re here to serve the community. It’s that simple,” said Gilchrist. This week, every city of Watertown and Carthage firefighter and police officer will receive a card with a Starbucks gift card inside. All Watertown City School District staff members will get a care package.

“We want to tell them, ‘You’re doing an awesome job.’ Here’s something we can put in your hands to make you feel appreciated,” said Joshua Ostrander, New Life church member. A day of service shared not only in church, but on the streets.

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