Winter arrives even though it’s still fall

wwny Winter arrives even though it’s still fall

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Monday’s winter storm comes as the north country is barely cleaned up from fall. But Mother Nature is in control and we are in winter mode, putting fall on hold.

As the snow falls, the city of Watertown Department of Public Works crews start their engines.

Seven plows and nearly a dozen smaller vehicles are ready to clear the city streets. Two trucks just getting out of the shop this morning.

"I guess you can say we never stop. From the time that the snow stops in the spring all the equipment as you see behind me and some other pieces all get through the shop through the course of the spring summer and fall so they are ready for situations like this," said Shawn Dick, DPW street and sewer supervisor.

He says bagged leaves will be picked up as normal, but this wet weather puts a damper on the rest of the fall cleanup that's not finished yet.

"So last week we were picking leaves off the curb lines and that just improves the drainage, keeps the streets from backing up if it rains. So if this snow happens to melt, we will continue, we will go back to that and we will try to do the best we can before the actual true winter steps in," he said.

Some businesses are also feeling this quick winter weather turnaround.

"This is when we really know that it's time to go," said Justin Chesbrough, owner of landscaping business Cut Above.

Chesbrough and his team spent most of Sunday night and Monday morning making sure their trucks are safe and ready to go.

"Every year we say, oh, we are going to be ready this year and we were just so busy in the fall doing fall cleanups, and it always comes all at once," he said.

Chesbrough says his team wasn't able to finish all of its fall cleanup either, but 8 of their trucks will be out plowing business parking lots and residential drive ways.

"The first storm of course is going to be a big one - it's never, you know, 2 or 3 inches. They are calling for almost a foot. So it will be chaos," said Chesbrough.

Both the Cut Above team and the DPW drivers hope for warmer weather to finish what they started.

“The weather forecast may sound chaotic, but we got this,” said Dick.

Half of the city’s snow removing fleet is out on the roads Monday evening. The rest will be dispatched as you go to bed. The overnight hours will the busiest for the city to clean up so your morning commute is clearer Tuesday.

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