Your Turn: feedback on Great American, stolen gifts & random acts of kindness

Updated: Nov. 11, 2019 at 2:11 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Great American supermarkets in Watertown and Star Lake will close for good by the end of the month. Most of your feedback this week was about that:

Sad for owners and customers and community. The closing of another independent supermarket is awful.

Vern F Lavine

This store has been going down hill for a while. Empty shelves and dirty; not surprised to see it close.

Lisa Vaughn

Not good for our disabled and older people who can’t drive or afford a cab to go around town to shop.

Nancy Frank

Close to $4,000 in Christmas gifts that were stored in the basement of the Canton Church and Community Giving Tree have been stolen:

That takes an awful human being to do something like this.

Patty Klemko

This is the season of hope & joy and wonderment in a child’s eyes - do the right thing and return the items!

Maryalyce Fenton Perrault

Members of New Life Christian Church in Watertown spent Sunday performing random acts of kindness. Among other things, they handed out donuts, held up inspirational signs and pumped gas for people:

In a world where some are filled with anger and hate it’s wonderful to see people spreading the message of love and kindness!

Brenda Derek Leddy

Great concept and positive messages, but it was a huge distraction while driving through the square.

Jessica Mueller

Just beautiful people doing for others as we all should. Thank you for such big hearts.

Kaki Besaw

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