Hobby Lobby coming to Watertown

wwny Hobby Lobby coming to Watertown

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - An arts and crafts store-chain is coming to Watertown.

Hobby Lobby will be opening in the Salmon Run Mall.

Work is underway and the store will open in the former Sears location.

According to marketing director Karla Woods, the store will take up 55,000 square feet, which is half of the Sears building.

Woods says construction of the Hobby Lobby should start the first week of December. It’s expected to open next spring.

“It gives people an opportunity again to shop and stay local. And Hobby Lobby, you know, I think is just the start of it," said Woods.

Until then, the closest Hobby Lobby locations are in the Syracuse area. Some Hobby Lobby shoppers have learned to live without.

“I’m doing a lot of online shopping, just because like Hobby Lobby’s not here. It’s quite a drive, so I actually got to plan it out. So, I don’t go there too much, no,” said Ezekiel Mendoza, shopper.

“If I’m somewhere out of town and I see one, I’ll go in it. But, I haven’t specifically gone there for it,” said Maryrose Long, shopper.

Both shoppers say they’ll frequent the Hobby Lobby when it opens.

Woods says this is only the start of new additions to the mall.

"What we want to try to get is a lot of entertainment concepts in the mall. It's a huge need for the area," said Woods.

Woods says there's no word yet on how many people Hobby Lobby will be hiring.

She says they’ll put job information on the mall’s website when it becomes available to them.

Hobby Lobby will have its own outside entrance into the store and is scheduled to open in spring of 2020.

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