Flu vaccine supply delayed at Fort Drum

WWNY Flu vaccine supply delayed at Fort Drum

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Right now, people on Fort Drum can't get their flu shots.

MEDDAC Public Affairs Officer Warren Wright say delays aren't out of the ordinary. But, this one is a little longer than usual.

He says the Department of Defense receives all of the vaccines for the military, which Warren says makes up around 3 percent of the entire country's stock.

From there, the DOD divides the shots up and sends them out.

Wright says the amount of work this process takes is the reason delays can happen.

"Just the logistical process of shipping these vaccines to so many different military installations is a huge undertaking and sometimes with that, delays happen, based on supply from the manufacturer, to priority of units that have deploying service members that need it ahead of other people. Overseas tends to get a little bit higher priority as well," he said.

Wright says the vaccines should arrive this month. He says families of soldiers and retirees covered by TRICARE can still get their flu shots from in-network pharmacies off post.

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