Meet Buddy the therapy dog in training

wwny Meet Buddy the therapy dog in training

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Watertown Audiology and Fyzical Therapy has one very special employee.

Buddy is part retriever, part doodle and part of your healthcare experience.

Buddy is a therapy dog in training. During exams or physical therapy, he makes patients feel more comfortable.

"He sits in the booth with us when we're testing kids, people have some anxiety or are maybe a little stressed about being here. He loves being in the physical therapy part, being with the patients, because there's a lot going on in that part. And he's great for the employees too! They love seeing him," said Dr. Sarah Sugden, Buddy's handler.

Buddy has already completed one round of his training and will continue to train.

In the meantime, he’s busy being the most popular employee at the facility.

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