Local officials want you to know how to use Narcan

Local officials want you to know how to use Narcan

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Do you know how to use naloxone, also known as Narcan? After a wave of drug overdose deaths in Jefferson County, health officials want you to be able to say ‘yes’ to that question.

Walk into a Watertown office, take 10 minutes and you could be the next person to save the life of someone who overdoses on drugs.

"All you do is open the container. You put it in one nostril and that's it," said Wanda Holtz, executive director, Anchor Recovery Center.

Anchor Recovery Center is one of the places in Jefferson County that offers Narcan training all the time. Anyone who completes training walks away with the knowledge of what to do if someone overdoses and a Narcan kit which can help reverse that overdose.

“You never know what you’re going to meet at the grocery store, at the drug store or just pumping gas at the gas station and if you can be that person to help save somebody’s life, why not do it,” said Holtz.

Pivot, another substance abuse prevention center, hosted state-run Narcan training on Tuesday.

"Narcan saves lives. It's just a simple fact. We need more people trained. I can not underscore that there are a number of people's lives that have been saved, many of those people who are now in recovery who would be dead if it wasn't for Narcan," said Bill Bowman, executive director, Pivot.

The call for more trained administrators comes as there are now 11 possible overdose deaths in Jefferson County in the last two months. Law enforcement officials suspect the spike could be caused by fentanyl in opioids.

"When someone goes into an overdose, you have precious little time to act and if someone has a bad batch, they need to dial 911 immediately to get a first responder there who will have multiple kits," said Bowman.

The team at Anchor Recovery knows that it often does take more than one spray of Narcan to save someone.

"The reports that we are having is that's taking multiple kits and they come two in a kit," said Holtz.

Health officials also want people to know about the state's Good Samaritan law which allows a person who has witnessed an overdose or overdosed themselves to be able to call 911 without fear of arrest.

Other substance abuse treatment facilities like CREDO Community Center and ACR Health are also offering Narcan training opportunities.

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