Expensive bird stolen from Watertown apartment, owner pleads for its return

Expensive bird stolen from Watertown Apartment

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - When Taylor Tomaselli returned home from work early Sunday morning, she went upstairs to discover her two bird cages were missing, along with one of her birds.

"I knew somebody broke in. I had no idea who it could possibly be, but I was in shock,” Tomaselli said.

A Quaker Parrot named Randall is missing. The bird is pricey and can cost more than $500 dollars. Tomaselli found her other parrot, a green-cheeked conure, loose in the house.

"My laptop was still there, my rent money was still there. My TV was still there. A lot of valuable things were still there. And so it makes me think maybe it was somebody who personally knew I had birds and they had some kind of motive for taking him," Tomaselli said.

Randall, a Quaker Parrot, was stolen from a Watertown apartment sometime this weekend
Randall, a Quaker Parrot, was stolen from a Watertown apartment sometime this weekend (Source: wwny)

That motive may be to sell the bird for cash.

Watertown Police is investigating the alleged theft. Meanwhile, Tomaselli has posted flyers around her neighborhood offering a $500 dollar reward for anyone with information that can bring Randall home.

Tomaselli says police advised her to keep an eye on Craiglist or anyplace someone might sell an animal. It's a waiting game right now, but Tomaselli has a message for whoever took her pet:

"Maybe to you he's just a bird but to me he's family so if there's any part of you that feels bad at all about what you've done, I would just plead that you would do the right thing and bring him back to me. If you bring him back to me on your own will I'm not going to press charges. I'm not angry I just want my bird back,” Tomaselli said.

Anyone with information can contact Watertown Police at 315-782- 2233.

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