A Thanksgiving lesson: Scouts help the Salvation Army

Cub Scouts Help Salvation Army and learn a Thanksgiving lesson

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - This Thanksgiving, cub scouts from Carthage got a lesson in giving back by packing potatoes.

“It just felt good because you're getting out and helping the community,” said Cub Scout Mason Cummings.

It was Pack 39′s first time volunteering with Watertown’s Salvation Army. Their job was to get potatoes ready to be given away.

“I’m enjoying it,” said scout Jacob Williams. “Also, my hand’s getting a little sore.”

Den Master Barry Cummings hopes the hard work will show his cubs how fortunate they are.

“Our kids seem to be pretty lucky in all they have, and I wanted them to see there are people that have less than we have,” Cummings said.

Their work didn't go unnoticed.

“I think it helped all of us adults to see kids here wanting to do something, and in their uniforms too,” said Watertown Salvation Army Major Karen Smullen. “So they're learning also to give back by their being here. They had to follow directions. We were very thankful.”

Even though the scouts were working, they still found ways to make it fun.“Just hanging out with each other,” Mason Cummings said.

“Potatoes roll all over the place and I try to run and catch them,” said Williams. These cubs can celebrate Thanksgiving knowing they helped the Salvation Army feed those in need.

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