‘Misfit’ dinner brings company to those who can’t be with loved ones this Thanksgiving

Misfit dinner brings company to those who can’t be with loved ones this Thanksgiving

CLAYTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful and spend time around the table with loved ones, but what if your family is far away, or they aren’t around anymore? One group in Clayton is starting a new tradition for the community.

Folks gathered at the Knights of Columbus in Clayton for a special Thanksgiving meal. They call it the Misfit Thanksgiving Dinner.

"Well it all started, it was the idea of a friend of mine, Jamie Strouse, and I ran into him in a store and he said 'hey, I’m thinking about putting together a dinner for people who don’t have a place to go for Thanksgiving,” said Clayton resident, Scott Nortz, “And I said ‘hey, you know my kids live out of state. I’m in!’”

Nortz said about 10 other volunteers came to put the meal together, and almost all of the food, like the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pies were donated. as well as the space to hold the event, rent free.

“One of our biggest things is community. They’re going out of their way and there’s no reason why Knights of Columbus can’t go out of their way, too,” said Patrick Youngs, a bar stewart at the Clayton Knights of Columbus.

As for the future of this misfit dinner:

“I hope this does nothing but grow and grow every year,” said Youngs.

“We have no idea how many we are gonna have here, but we are hoping this becomes an annual thing,” said Nortz.

As people enjoyed their food, volunteers delivered meals to the senior living community in Clayton. The leftovers will also head there after everyone is stuffed.

“We just want everyone to be happy and thankful on Thanksgiving,” said Nortz.

And in true Thanksgiving spirit, the group is thankful for the community that brought them together.

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