Black Friday shoppers: we like to see what we’re buying

Black Friday shoppers: we like to see what we’re buying

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Call it the revenge of retail.

As more and more holiday shopping migrates online - this year, 54 percent of the buying public is expected to do most of their shopping on the internet - you’ll find Black Friday shoppers who will tell you cyber-shopping is impersonal. You can’t get a good feel for the merchandise.

So Black Friday remains an important day for them - get out and touch the stuff they’re interested in, and save some money along the way.

“I like to see what I’m buying. I’m guess I’m old fashioned. I like to put my hands on it and see what it is,” said Mary McLaughlin, who was shopping Friday at Salmon Run Mall in the Town of Watertown.

Julie Amell agreed. Julie said shopping in person means “you can touch it, feel it, look at it.”

And then there’s the ritual of Black Friday, the going and doing part. Mary was with friends from the Potsdam and Massena area, all of them wearing “Shopping With My Snowmies” T shirts.

“We all come down every year and start at 3 in the morning and shop all day,” she said.

“I always go to the Christmas Tree Shop, and Kohl’s and Target. We always go the bath and body shop and come home with all kinds of lotions.”

Brenda Gorzalkowski from Lowville was also an early riser.

“I started out at 6:30. I have shirts that are 30 percent off and I have shoes that are on sale,” Brenda said.

Black Friday shopping got off to a brisk start, and is expected to end up at $7.4 billion nationwide. Cyber-Monday, this coming Monday, is expected to rake in $9.4 billion. Both numbers are up about 20 percent, year to year.

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