Full bellies, full carts: Black Friday shopping starts

Black Friday

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Just as soon as people were done filling their bellies, they’re out filling their shopping carts. Black Friday deals are already kicking off this Thanksgiving.

The Salmon Run Mall in the town of Watertown opened its doors at seven Thursday night. Shoppers had the chance to get a jump on Black Friday sales in different stores.

Some say they planned their Thanksgiving meal around their shopping trip, while others are waiting until after to eat.

“We ate Thanksgiving just a little bit earlier than typical just to kind of experience what was going on with Black Friday,” said Daniel Bryan, who was out shopping.

“Everything’s already cooked and done, we just haven’t ate it yet. We’re getting a late dinner but a good shopping in,” said shoppers Pamela and Tyler Dean.

"We came out here for some Black Friday shopping, Jeremy Romero said. "You know, half off -- nice deals out here."

Some shoppers at the Salmon Run Mall came in expecting it to be pretty packed, but found the shopping experience to be quite pleasant.

"I thought it was going to be elbow to elbow walking around," Bryan said, "but it wasn't actually that bad."

"We thought about, like, super long lines, you know, crazy stuff," Sean Smith said. "No, it's not too bad out here."

Some Black Friday first timers say they plan to do it again.

"Yeah, I'd do it again, it wasn't too bad, I think," Bryan said. "The experience was enjoyable and not over-chaotic or hectic."

“The prices are cheap and your parents will, like, let you take more stuff out,” Devonte White said.

The mall was open until midnight and several stores in town open until 1 AM.

Stores opened back up at 7AM Friday for an early start to Black Friday.

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