Lowville copes with 3 deaths in 2 fires in a month

wwny Lowville copes with 3 deaths in 2 fires in a month

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - In the village of Lowville, the community is dealing with 3 deaths in 2 fatal fires in a month’s time.

As law enforcement continued to investigate the fire at 7525 South State Street that took two lives early Sunday morning in Lowville, just two doors away a neighbor says it’s taken a toll on the community.

"I've cried and I said I don't really know them but I feel I'm not a person to judge," said Sandre Bush, who lives on South State Street.

She says she is sad for the victims.

"They'd smile at you and you'd smile back and I always said hi to them no matter what," said Bush.

This has not just taken a toll on those who live nearby, but on the firefighters who see the worst of a fire.

"There's always that feeling of trying to cope with could we have done more but, it isn't. We, all my guys, they did the best they could. They always do and no matter what the call, whether it's a minor call or it's a blazing fire like we had, it's 110 percent all the time," said Lowville Fire Chief Joe Austin.

As for the volunteers who have had to fight not one, but two, fatal fires in the last month in Lowville, Bush says thank you.

"Our responders in Lewis County - I think our law officers, state police, village police and the firemen, we've got the best," she said.

The other fire happened November 8 at an apartment at 5413 Hemlock Drive. The man killed was identified as Thomas Young of Lowville.

Austin says the firefighters on scene have been offered any help they might need in dealing with trauma.

"You know, you can cope with a lot of things, but these people that came here, they did a fantastic job. We couldn't have asked for any better," said Bush.

"It's really an amazing thing to be with such a great group of people who are willing to do that," said Austin.

As for the investigation, police say they are aware of video footage near the scene of the fire. No cause has been reported yet and we are still waiting on the results of the autopsies and the identities of the two people killed.

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