Record-breaking day for #giveNNY campaign

wwny Record-breaking day for #giveNNY campaign

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - When all of the after-Thanksgiving shopping is done, people are reminded to give back. It’s called Giving Tuesday. In the north country, non-profits take to the airwaves to celebrate as part of the #giveNNY campaign.

Listeners tuning in to Tunes 92.5 - 104.5 in Watertown heard commercials of a different kind Tuesday.

Representatives from the 27 non-profits participating in #giveNNY went on-air during breaks for a 12-hour radiothon.

By early afternoon, they had already doubled the $5,000 they raised all last year.

"We have now hit the 10,000 mark," said Jennifer Hodge, who helped create #giveNNY.

#giveNNY is the combined efforts of north country non-profits to raise funds. The money is split equally between the organizations involved.

Hodge helped start the movement in 2017 and says it's a way to bring Giving Tuesday to northern New York.

"I was then starting at the volunteer transportation center, and I was doing their fundraising, and had the ability to reach out and talk to other fundraisers in the area and said to each of them, wouldn't it be cool if we could all get together for Giving Tuesday," she said.

Some officials from participating organizations know the importance of teaming up.

"We all serve the community. Habitat can do one little piece of it. Different agencies all have a piece of it. But, together we can do more, and we can help more people," said Amanda LeDesma, Thousand Island Area Habitat for Humanity executive director.

"All the non profits in the area are extremely important. So, being able to jump in and help other organizations get the word out and support everybody together is kind of a great opportunity," said Kaylee Rhodes, JRC Foundation administrator and event support.

"It's the first year the Northern New York Community Foundation is matching donations up to $10,000, which #giveNNY has already hit. Officials with the foundation say the gift makes sense with what the organization strives to do.

"We want to inspire philanthropy. We want folks in the community to feel that charitable spirit and really understand that the gift that they make really can have an impact in a breadth of different organizations," said Max DelSignore, Northern New York Community Foundation assistant director.

With the match, #giveNNY has raised more than $20,000.

An example of a community coming together in the spirit of giving.

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