ACCO to lay off fewer workers than originally thought

ACCO to lay off fewer workers than originally thought
ACCO Brands in Ogdensburg (Source: WWNY)

OGDENSBURG, N.Y. (WWNY) - Layoffs at ACCO Brands in Ogdensburg now won’t happen until after the new year and the number of workers losing their jobs looks to be lower than originally thought.

ACCO is moving its manufacturing business out of the Maple City. Jobs will now be split up - some will go to an ACCO facility in Sydney, New York and others will go to Boonville, Mississippi, according to United Steelworkers Union officials.

Layoffs were supposed to have already happened, but they'll now start after January 1.

New York State Department of Labor information says 54 workers will be affected, but not all of those will be job losses because, the company explained, union workers have bumping rights.

The actual number of people losing their jobs is set at 31, according to the union.

That number will be lower because the union tells us if current workers voluntarily leaves ACCO, they are eligible for a severance package.

Four workers have done that so far.

ACCO officials did accept an invitation by state Senator Patty Ritchie to meet and talk about the cuts.

"While ACCO indicated they did not plan to reconsider, I was encouraged to hear officials talk about potentially expanding local operations in the future," said Ritchie (R. - 48th District).

ACCO’s distribution business will stay in Ogdensburg. It employs 70 people.

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