Your Turn: feedback on minimum wage, Green Light Law & Columbus Day change

wwny Your Turn: feedback on minimum wage, Green Light Law & Columbus Day change

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - On December 31st, the minimum wage will increase another 70 cents. While the governor says it isn’t hurting the economy, not all small business owners agree:

How about we lower gas and food and rent instead of just increasing everything and going in circles.

Kay Beth

I’ve been at my job almost 5 years and that’s the only raise I get is when minimum wage goes up.

Amber Farr

Restaurants in the area have closed due in part to the increase in minimum wage. McDonald’s went with kiosks to cut down on payroll costs.

Scott Lawrence

If you can’t afford to pay your employees a livable wage, you obviously shouldn’t be in business. Find something you’re better at and let someone who knows what they’re doing take over.

Meredith George

Local officials with the Department of Motor Vehicles are voicing concerns over the Green Light Law which will allow illegal immigrants in New York to become licensed drivers:

Nothing wrong with them getting a license...They're humans.

Cari Vazquez Santiago

It’s going to cause more problems than they know. The word illegal means just that. Why can’t our government see this?

Peter N Nancy Weydig

DMV clerks should refuse to help them.

Jason Ablan

If I violate the federal law, it’s a felony. NYS does it, it’s ok?

Monica Morgado

Potsdam schools will no longer celebrate Columbus Day. Instead, they will celebrate Indigenous People’s Day. It was students’ idea and most of your feedback is about that:

Considering he did nothing worth celebrating, this is a pretty good move.

William Lowe

Since when do we allow elementary students to make a decision? You can tell liberal teachers were behind this with their brainwashing tactics.

Thomas Mallette

Teaching the REAL history of what Columbus did is not brainwashing.

Iiokonhahes King

Oh, please! Another example of fitting someone’s agenda and erasing history.

Cindy Gardner

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