Ox Specialty Paper recycling community’s paper

wwny Ox Specialty Paper recycling community’s paper

WEST CARTHAGE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Ox Specialty Paper is getting involved in helping the Carthage community. The mill is getting some of the materials it needs from a new supplier.

Every day at Ox Specialty Paper in West Carthage, old paper and cardboard are broken down to a pulp, reformed, and turned into thick paperboard.

“All of our paper ends up leaving on jumbo rolls. Our customers will take that and convert that into whatever products that they then sell to the customers,” said Clayton Staley, general manager.

The old paper used to make the new paper is usually purchased in bails from recycling centers, but now Ox is collecting paper and cardboard from the public at its new recycling center on Lathrop Street.

"I love bringing this program here. All of our other facilities already have this program established and it's really something good to do within in the community here and just help the people," said Staley.

The items that are dropped off also go through the paper making process and end up on the paper machine.

"The donations are going to go into what we call chip products. Those types of products go into folding carton packages so if you go a local baseball game and they have a little tray that you put your nachos and snacks in, those little brown cartons," said Staley.

Not only that, every month the company will weigh what's been collected and donate half the value to a Carthage area non-profit.

Company officials say they are in the process of choosing the first charity, but wanted to get the center up and running before the holidays so people have a place to bring all those unwanted shipping boxes while helping others.

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