Your Turn: gun controversy, McDonald’s & stocking donation

wwny Your Turn: gun controversy, McDonald’s & stocking donation

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - A gun rights group says Fort Drum military police overstepped their boundaries by confiscating a post visitor’s guns, but military officials and state police disagree:

Right to bear arms supersedes any state laws. Give the guy his gun back.

Nathan Daniel Smith

It’s his fault for not knowing the laws of the state in which he is traveling.

Thomas Frost

Lesson to be learned, don’t ever tell the truth, deny, deny, deny.

Kevin Trombley

McDonald’s is returning to Canton at a new location. Plans have been submitted to build at the Price Chopper Plaza:

We really need this! Canton can do with the extra jobs and another option for a place to eat that the kids like.

Rachel Bender

I’m just waiting for some village or town official(s) with a Napoleon complex to screw up THIS attempt by ANOTHER business to open here in Canton.

William J Jennings

The Watertown Urban Mission is wondering who dropped off three cartloads of Christmas stockings last week. Mission directors are hoping whoever made this donation will give them a call to get a proper thank you:

Just what I needed to restore faith in humanity! Whoever did this, you are a hero!

Alicia Camidge

Love how this was done anonymously! Good deeds should be done with intention, not for attention.

Jennifer Dindl Bossuot

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