Police: Bullets found at Watertown High School

wwny Police: Bullets found at Watertown High School

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Watertown police are investigating the discovery of bullets at Watertown High School.

Detective Lieutenant Joe Donoghue said a small amount of ammunition was found Tuesday evening in a boy’s bathroom.

He would not disclose what kind of bullets they are, exactly where in the bathroom they were found or who reported the discovery to police.

Donoghue did say no weapon was found and that there appears to be no reason for concern.

Even though police confirmed ammunition was found, school superintendent Patricia LaBarr sent a phone message to parents of high school students Wednesday in which she said “There are rumors being posted on social media that there were rounds of ammunition found in the locker room. I can confirm that these rumors are false.”

“We encourage all parents and guardians to talk to your children about appropriate social media use.”

In her recorded message, LaBarr said she was called to the high school just after 5 PM Tuesday.

She said police conducted a “complete and thorough” investigation.

“At no time were students and staff in any danger” and “the building was deemed safe.”

Reached Wednesday, LaBarr said by text “There is no story here. There is drama on social media we’re not going to feed.”

In addition, police said LaBarr’s statements to parents were accurate, even though police say ammunition was found. It appeared Wednesday that the issue was where the ammo was found - a bathroom versus a locker room.

Weather prompted the school district to delay, then cancel classes Wednesday.

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