Watertown business owner sentenced for firing gun in store

Watertown business owner sentenced for firing gun in store
Cengiz Gulbay

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - There's no jail time for a 46 year old downtown Watertown business owner, who was accused of firing a gun when two people entered his Court Street store.

Cengiz Gulbay was sentenced Friday in Jefferson County Court to three years probation. He was also ordered to forfeit his weapon and stay away from the victims.

He pleaded guilty last month to misdemeanor counts of second-degree menacing and second-degree reckless endangerment.

In September 2018, Watertown police said Gulbay fired a 9mm semi-automatic handgun as two people entered the Cash 4 Gold store.

The victims were identified as Watertown residents Sheena Covell and Kahil Covell. Police said the two are husband and wife.

Gulbay declined to speak to 7 News reporters when they went to the store for comment in September 2018. A woman there said the incident involved a conflict with a customer and that the store’s lawyers were handling it.

An employee at the Cash 4 Gold store told 7 News the couple wanted to get back something they previously sold to the store.

Then at some point, police said Gulbay fired off the 9mm into the floor. Police wouldn’t say how many shots were fired.

A grand jury indicted him on the following counts:

- third-degree criminal possession of a weapon

- second-degree menacing (2 counts)

- second-degree reckless endangerment (2 counts)

Police said Gulbay had a pistol permit and legally owned the gun, but still faced a criminal possession of a weapon charge because police alleged Gulbay was menacing the customers, not protecting himself.

Gulbay had a 2012 federal conviction for trafficking in counterfeit merchandise.

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