Your Turn: feedback on life insurance, pain meds & sidewalk snow

Your turn: 12/23/19

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Alcoa is terminating life insurance policies for its retirees. The United Steelworkers has filed a lawsuit in protest:

What a kick in the gut.

Sue Bibbens Barkley

Reducing retirement liabilities is critical for US manufacturing.

Shawn Bookout

Electronic opioid prescriptions are down 50 percent this year in the Samaritan Medical Center emergency room as doctors use alternative treatments:

Oh yea, it was so much fun laying in the ER, in pain...I love being treated like a drug addict for asking for pain management.

Ursula McElrea

People aren’t hurting or injured any less. Looks great on paper, though.

Heather Rhone

It’s always a good thing to keep people in pain instead of taking your time with the patient and looking for the signs that they are an abuser compared to someone who actually has legit pain.

Tessa Ferard

The people that really need the pain meds will get them.

Brittany Phillips

Watertown property owners are reminded that if you don’t clear snow and ice from your sidewalks, you could face consequences:

Ok, you start fixing the streets, and we'll clear the sidewalks.

Joel Miller

Happy to do it at my house. Don’t want all the kids on the way to school walking in the street.

Jennifer Rowley Hildebranski

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