Tomorrow’s Health: HPV vaccine dose, sperm motility & cancer protein

Tomorrow's Health

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Researchers from the University of Texas have found one dose of the HPV vaccine could be just as effective as two or three doses.

They say it's still too early to do away with the recommended series of doses, but more clinical trials in the future could prove the need for only one dose.

Sperm motility

A research team in Sweden found a change in diet can affect the quality of sperm in as little as a week.

The study looked at a change in sugar intake in men with normal and low sperm movement.

To researchers' surprise, all the men experienced normal sperm motility after dramatically increasing their sugar intake, but they still have to determine if the sugar caused the change, or if it was because the men improved their diets.

Cancer protein

A new study conducted by Canadian scientists has identified a key protein that supports the growth of many colorectal cancers.

They say determining how to inhibit the movement of the protein could help stop tumors from growing.

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