How you can become a ‘Wellness Warrior’

wwny How you can become a ‘Wellness Warrior’

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - You're invited to take steps to a healthier lifestyle - literally.

Jefferson County Public Health Service is encouraging people to join its Wellness Warriors team.

It's part of a national effort to record one billion steps by April 12, which is the end of National Public Health Week.

Public health educator Lisa Lagos says it's a great time of year to get people moving.

"We want people to be active, especially this time of year when we don't have the best weather. It's hard to get outside, it's hard to stay active, so were hoping that with the step challenge that will motivate people to go outside and move more," she said.

You can register through a free app called Walker Tracker.

Just look for the Jefferson County Wellness Warriors team and start logging your steps.

Last year, the team logged a total of 19,319,337 steps. The Wellness Warriors ranked 47th out of the 351 teams participating.

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