Your Turn: feedback on airstrike, pool & tiny house

wwny Your Turn: feedback on airstrike, pool & tiny house

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The United States took out a top Iranian military commander in an airstrike in Iraq. Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik praised the action while New York’s senators criticized it:

He was behind the death of 100s of Americans. Good riddance to that terrorist.

Stephanie Badi

How would she feel if the Iranians target Secretary of Defense Mark Esper?

Kevin Kumanga

EVERY American abroad has been thrust into danger over this reckless & ill conceived assassination!

Todd LaRock

Those who got upset at Trump for missile strikes didn’t get upset when Obama would do the same thing.

Christina Knott

Watertown’s new mayor wants to close a city pool with the opening of the new Thompson Park pool and suggests building a second splash pad as a possible alternative:

We do not need another splash pad. We should have things for people of all ages.

Kristin Anne Eggleston

It will be cheaper to build and maintain.

Liz Smith

You might be trying to simplify your life in the new year, but one woman is already mastering that. For the past two years, Ling Wu has called a tiny space near Adams Center her home:

It's no different than camping in a camper. Great for her.

Darin Widrick

I couldn’t do it. I’m claustrophobic and I have too many shoes.

Nicole Farrell

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