How to learn CPR online

wwny How to learn CPR online

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It's a New Year resolution that doesn't just help you, it helps your entire community.

Local Red Cross officials suggest you make the resolution to learn CPR this year.

They say you never know when you'll need it and the more people who know the skill, the safer a community is.

You can even take a simple "hands only" class online!

“If you’re an individual interested in learning CPR, you can go on our website,, and there’s a tab for training and under that is CPR and you can find classes that you can register for through the area. Several of them are online, which is nice, so you dont have to go to a physical space, you can take them through our online portal,” said Ben Comin, Watertown Red Cross interim executive director.

If you take a class in a group, or if you volunteer for the Red Cross, it's free.

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