Stores being cleared out as people prepare for the ice storm

Stores being cleared out as people prepare for the ice storm

POTSDAM, N.Y. (WWNY) - In St. Lawrence County, the storm-prep rush started at area stores Friday and hasn’t let up.

Some items are already cleared out. But with others, there’s still plenty.

People throughout the north country are scooping up essentials lists at local hardware and home improvement stores.

“Busy with shoe traction and salt and sand and other things to get generators ready for the storm,” said Mike Ober, the Evans and White Ace Hardware and Rental Manager.

“Ice melt is a real big item, batteries, tube sand. We’ve sold out of our lamp oil,” said Agnes White, Coakley Home and Hardware Manager.

The National Weather Service issued both a flood watch and ice storm warning. Ever since the historic ice storm of 1998, people pay heed to those warnings.

“We had a lot of people in yesterday actually preparing for the storm. And today it’s been real busy again, with the storm preparations,” said Agnes White, the Coakley Home and Hardware Manager.

Power outages and tree damage are expected. People are snapping up extension cords and generators. Even if power goes out, some stores will soldier on Sunday.

“We will be open. If we lose power the store will still open,” said White.

Gas stations were busy all day Saturday, as people filled cars and canisters.

These shoppers are at least trying to take some of the guesswork out of things by being prepared, and that includes those who work at the stores.

“I took ice melt home last night when I left so I made sure I had plenty,” said Ober.

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