The storm: live updates

The storm: live updates
Ice storm graphic from MGN Graphics (Source: MGN GraphIcs)

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - We’re posting updated information about this weekend’s rain and ice storm here, as we get it.

11:50 PM - We’re suspending updates for the night, but will be posting again Sunday morning.

10:20 PM - We will likely break 100 tonight for the number of cancellations we’ve received. We’re at 96 right now and will add a few more tonight and significantly more Sunday morning. When you consider that our all time record, set back in 2014, was 200 something during a three day snow storm in January, you get a sense of how significant this weekend’s weather is.

10:10 PM - Keith Benman just checked in from Massena. No ice yet. He says things are “quiet, windy and wet.” Massena’s town supervisor says highway crews are pre-treating roads, and Massena’s electric utility has stocked up trucks and crews.

9:40 - After an epic Facebook Live update on the storm, it’s clear some things have changed. Chief weathercaster John Kubis now believes the worst of the icing in St. Lawrence County will be in Brasher Falls. In general, the model Kubis and weekend weathercaster Kris Hudson are using shows a little less in the way of ice in Massena and Canton than we saw earlier in the day. Not enough to be out of the woods, but every little bit helps.

Conversely, it looks like northern Jefferson County is in line to get it worse than originally thought. The latest version of the model has Clayton getting close to three-quarters of an inch of ice.

It’s worth repeating what John said on the air tonight - these are forecasts, and not perfect by any means. But it’s clear we’re headed into the worst of it overnight, as temperatures drop toward - and then past - freezing.

8:45 PM - Lisbon Central School has been opened as an emergency shelter for anyone who needs refuge from the storm. That’s from Bill Nelson, town supervisor.

8:35 PM - National Grid is reporting the first outage of the evening, 42 customers between Ogdensburg and Morristown. The lights are expected back on, as of now, at 11:15 tonight.

7:40 PM - A couple of notes on what we’re doing for the next few hours. Chief weathercaster John Kubis and weekend weathercaster Kris Hudson will again be live on Facebook at 9 PM with the latest projections for the storm. At 11 PM, (or whenever NFL play-off coverage ends) we may - and we emphasize “may” - be seeing the first icing. We expect to have a live report from Keith Benman in Massena, a live report from Kris Hudson in Alexandria Bay and live pictures from downtown Canton.

7:35 PM - 70 + churches and other organizations - mostly in St. Lawrence County - have announced cancellations and postponements. The overwhelming majority are churches cancelling services Sunday morning. Again, the complete list is available here. And if you have a cancellation, send it to

7:25 PM - Chief weathercaster John Kubis says one of the things he is most concerned about is the combination of ice and high winds Sunday. As Kubis put it, “A tenth of an inch of ice, no big deal. 50 mile an hour winds, no big deal. Put the two together, and you’ve got a storm.”

Kubis expects Watertown to wake up Sunday with no more than two-tenths to a quarter inch of ice. The high winds kick in mid-morning, between, say, 10 and 11. What happens then will tell us a lot about how serious this ice storm is.

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