Your Turn: feedback on sex offender, jail savings & ice storm

wwny Your Turn: feedback on sex offender, jail savings & ice storm

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - When a sex offender got out of prison after a 6-year sentence, he was moved to a West Carthage hotel not far from a park. Few in the village knew about it. Now the mayor wants a policy to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again:

Sad to say but once they do their time, only a judge can force them to live in certain spots.

Lou Longest

Nothing will change while Cuomo is in charge of NY.

Kay Beth

Bail reform is already slashing inmate populations at some county jails. But state mandates and a year-long reality check mean taxpayer savings may be few:

When they were in jail all we heard was it cost us a lot to house them there. Now that they're out, they are saying only going to save a little money. So who is getting the money?

Lou Longest

All it’s going to cause is more crime leading to more officers needing to be hired to re-arrest them.

Granger Watson

On last week’s Blast from the Past, we went back to 1998 for the aftermath of the ice storm that virtually paralyzed the north country. Plenty of you shared your memories:

We were 28 days with no power. A huge tree fell across our road blocking the driveway.

Marsha Stevens Thompson

We played a lot of games, especially Monopoly and Sorry. Had to get around by four wheeler.

James Trimm

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