Fentanyl seized in Missouri matters to north country police

wwny Fentanyl seized in Missouri matters to north country police

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - A case of an 18 year old busted with 10 kilograms of fentanyl in Missouri catches the attention of police officers in the north country.

Recently, 10 kilograms or about 22 pounds of fentanyl was seized from an 18 year old in Missouri. Why does that matter to police here?

"Some of those drugs can eventually work back into the north country," said Detective Lieutenant Joe Donoghue of the Watertown Police Department.

Federal prosecutors say the fentanyl was headed to New York City, one of the places where major north country drug dealers get their supplies

"The drug busts that are large like that come to our area through networking through the drug dealers. Could be New York, could be New Jersey, that's all stuff that is pushed to our neighborhoods, to people that live in our villages, our towns, counties," said Massena Police Chief Adam Love.

Fetanyl has been deadly here. In Jefferson County last year, there are so far a total of 18 overdose deaths. In 12 of those cases, the people had fentanyl in their system.

Other drugs like heroin and cocaine get cut with fentanyl, making a mixture that can give a higher high. But it can also be deadly if too much fentanyl is consumed.

For example, 2 milligrams can be lethal. What was seized in Missouri would equal 10 million milligrams, or 5 million lethal doses.

“You would have to have 100 times that amount of heroin to make it go as far if not even farther because fentanyl is so much stronger than heroin,” said Donoghue.

Ten kilograms of fentanyl off the streets and no matter if it would have ended up in north country neighborhoods or not, police say this is good news.

“That just saved a lot of people’s lives,” said Love.

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