Vintage snowmobiling in Harrisville brings people in of all ages

Vintage snowmobiling in Harrisville brings people in of all ages

HARRISVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Before the snow started coming down, snowmobilers of all ages got to race with old school sleds. Some, tried it out for the first time.

The sound of snowmobiles filled the air at the Harrisville Rod and Gun Club in Lewis County, but they were not the kind being made Saturday.

It was a race of vintage snowmobiles.

Adirondack Outlaws Vintage Snow Oval Racers president Terry Green says it’s hard to compare their rides to more modern ones.

“These things have a third of the suspension of the newer sleds. They don’t turn, they’re nowhere near as stable as like a newer sled. The newer sleds the motor’s upfront all enclosed. These things, they sit in your lap, spit gas on you,” said Green.

So, why race with them?

“A lot of it is, the guys that grew up riding these things. They remember it,” said Green.

Not all racers spent their childhoods on a snowmobile though. Jorden Intrieri was racing for the first time. She drove more than six hours from Pennsylvania to do it.

“My significant other has an illness, it’s called snowmobile disease. I kind of just got sick of staring and watching,” said Intrieri.

Some participants, like Xzayvier Tuper are just getting into the sport.

“My step-father, and my step-grandfather inspired me,” said Tuper.

Racers paid a flat rate of $25 to enter as many races as they want. And, all the proceeds go to the Harrisville Rod and Gun Club.

“They’re great people. They invite us back every year to put the races on,” said Green.

When it came to the race, different competitors had different approaches.

“When they tell me to go, I’ll just go full force,” said Tuper.

“Drive smart and watch the track. Because, it will change lap to lap. Just like that," said Green.

Sound advice for racers of all ages competing on snowmobiles from an age gone by.

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