Campground left flooded and frozen

wwny Campground left flooded and frozen

BRASHER FALLS, N.Y. (WWNY) - Flooding along the St. Regis River in Brasher Falls. Trailers inundated at a campground. No one’s quite sure what’s next.

Camping trailers flooded, bound in ice – and with no way out. A few people rescue theirs just in time Saturday at Jelly Beans Riverside Campground.

“I hauled mine out. And a friend of mine, we were going to take his out. But it was getting dark then and he wanted to wait. And now his is underwater,” said Roger Currier, town of Brasher resident.

The water rose overnight Saturday. They think it's because of an ice jam.

Campground owner Denny Burnham has been fielding plenty of nervous calls and texts. His own trailer is trapped at Lot 9. He said he feels for everyone. But it will be some time before much can be done.

“They should wait until the water goes down. The property dries up. I don't think they're going to move anyway. … The tires are probably frozen in,” he said.

People won't be able to assess damage for awhile. Luckily, no one stays in their trailers this time of year. So far no houses have been flooded. The town is prepared if waters start rising again.

“I've been in contact with the fire chief here. And he's been in contact with Mr. Denner at Emergency Services. We have sandbags and some other stuff up here and we're ready to go if we have to,” said Larry Hewlett, town of Brasher highway superintendent.

Daytime temperatures are forecast to be above freezing near mid-week. That could loosen ice but also create potential for more ice jams.

“Mother Nature … You don't know. Oooh. That don't sound good,” said Currier.

So far the St. Regis flooding in the town of Brasher is the only reported flooding in the county. The St. Regis did drop some overnight Sunday.

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