Massena police: man threatened to kill officers and was released under bail reform


MASSENA, N.Y. (WWNY) - A 22 year old Massena man, who allegedly threatened to kill village police officers, has been released under New York's new bail reform laws.

That's according to Massena's police chief.

Damien Delfosse of 250 Hubbard Road is charged with a felony count of making a terroristic threat.

According to police, Delfosse made several threats through 911 and to the Massena Police Department Dispatch, saying he wanted to kill Massena police officers and watch a cop get tortured to death.

He was arrested Tuesday on a warrant issued December 11, 2019.

Police said Delfosse was arraigned and was released under the supervision of the probation department because of the new bail reform laws.

“The new bail reform laws that were put in place on January 1, 2020, are making New York state an unsafe place to live and is causing law enforcement to not be able to protect its citizens. The communities that we serve must help us, speak up and demand change," said Massena Police Chief Adam Love. “It’s not too often do we see someone make a phone call to us from 911, our station and also social media threats. We’re on high alert. We’re aware of this individual. Other law enforcement agencies will understand and see who this individual is so that they can be on alert also.”

The bail reform law eliminates cash bail for most defendants - those charged with misdemeanors and non-violent felonies.

Defendants are now being issued appearance tickets and told to show back up at court at a later date.

When Governor Andrew Cuomo presented his proposed budget Tuesday, he said the bail reform law is an ongoing process.

"It’s not that you reform a system once and then you walk away. You make a change in the system. It has consequences and you have to understand those consequences. We need to respond to the facts, but not the politics. And we need to act on information and not hyperbole. Let’s understand the facts, understand the consequences discuss it intelligently, rationally and in a soluble way and then let’s make the decisions that we need to make, and we will do that as we move forward over these coming weeks.”

A recent poll by Siena Research Institute found a drop in public support for New York’s bail reform law.

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